Zune 2 to be unleashed: still helpless against iPod

Word is out about the new Zunes and their wireless syncing capabilities. And they're all el cheapo now, thanks to the iPod's unstoppable domination. I just wonder why I'm not moved a bit about it. I don't have beef against Microsoft or anything, just can't help wondering. One thing I'll say about this is the current generation of iPods should at least spell something for Microsoft. Clue: it's an "S" word that also means give up. Oops!

No official announcements have been made by MS yet, by the way. So for the few Zune die-hards out there, feast your eyes on the new and upcoming 3.2-inch screened Wireless syncing capable and multimedia playing Zune 2. Prices start at $199 up. I've found from Gizmodo that the 4GB and 8GB versions both retail for the same price. WTF? Somebody, or something, has to fix this up guys. What's up with the TYPO Gizmodo?

[ZuneScene via Giz]

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