Sports: A prayer for Pacquiao

UPDATE: Some people don't seem happy about my blog post. So for the sake of those who are questioning the logic behind my pushing everyone to pray for Pacman, let me say one thing: let's all pray for both Pacman and Barrera, and hope that the best man wins.

Manny Pacquiao has come a very long way since he started his journey on the road of professional boxing. He has faced a lot of foes, he has crossed a lot of roads, he has conquered a lot of mountains, yet he's still standing strong. In less than 3 days he will face an arch nemesis for the second, and hopefully last time inside the ring. It will be watched by millions across the world, and will be talked about by millions more. As loyal fans, we offer this simple prayer, that will help inspire Manny Pacquiao to put an end to all the disputes.

Manny Pacquiao, you are unstoppable, the destroyer. If you ever feel weak at any round during your fight, rest assured the Filipino people are right behind you. You're image is an endless inspiration to thousands of boxing fans from all over the world. We know you can overcome your upcoming battle, and we're here to show you that we support you 100%. We pray that you get what you rightfully deserve, which is: VICTORY! Go Manny, do it for the country!

Support this movement and add your own prayer for Manny Pacquiao so that we can reach 300 as many prayers in total as we can before the day of the fight. Who knows, we might even make more than 300 enough prayers. Do it for the PacMan! Post your prayer thru the comments form below.

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