Nokia N70

Nokia N70
No wonder it's a best-seller
from P 10,500 to 12,500 - GSC

PHONE Triband/ WCDMA/ Dual-mode/ 3G phone. Nokia Series 60 v 2.8 GUI, Symbian 8 OS with Java 2 Support. Offline mode and simless operation.
CAM 2.0 Megapixel camera with built-in flash. 20x digital zoom, advanced image settings and 5 shooting modes. Mp4 or 3gp video recording. Secondary VGA camera for video calls.
MUSIC Digital music player for MP3/ AAC/ WMA file formats. Album art display. Stereo with Visual Radio support.
CONNECTIVITY SMS, MMS, E-mail support. Video calling/ video sharing. Mobile browsing via xHTML, WWW, & SIM toolkits. USB 2.0. Bluetooth 1.2.
MEMORY 20 MB on-device memory. Expandable with DV-RS-MMC(hot-swap).
MISC Active sliding main camera lens cover. 2.1-inch TFT screen(176x208 pixels, 262K colors). Pre-loaded print utilities and MS office document viewers. Built-in image and video editors. Memory support up to 2GB.

nokia N70 image

Premiered in silver, this dual-mode/ 3G handset from Nokia is easily the best-selling unit out of all the amazing Nseries phones. No matter where you are in the Philippines right now, you are sure to spot at least two or three people with an N70 in their hand. But this shouldn't make you wonder though. When compared with other Nseries phone models based on looks, you'd easily mistake the N70 for a higher-end one due to its flashy silver finish and fancy camera lens slider. Maybe that's the reason why this old mobile-wonder is still so "now" and has even outlived the higher-end N73 in terms of obsolescence (Nokia has already phased-out the N73 and now only the Music Edition of it is being mass-produced).

The N70 is just your average Nokia Nseries phone. Which means it has highly advanced multimedia and entertainment features (3gp/mp4 recording and playback on the 2.1-inch, 262K color screen; mp3/ aac/ eaac+ playback in the integrated music player; tons of multimedia and other useful software applications that are tailor-made for its Symbian OS; and high data transfer speeds with the use of the 3G network. But of course, it's stongest selling points are the dual cameras that are placed on it's front and back. The front VGA camera is useful for live video calls while the main 2-megapixel camera gives you print-worthy photos, even in low-light. In daylight or bright light, however, it can be a worthy replacement for smaller digital cameras. That, coupled with its nice music player makes it dangerously close to becoming an all-in-one. If only it had a better battery pack.

Overall, the N70 is a very reliable handset. Despite the mediocre battery life and slightly bulky feel when you hold it in one hand (especially if it has crystal casing), the N70 won't let you down features-wise. If you're looking for an upgrade to a 3G phone, look no further than this classic, living legend.

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