Nokia 6630

Nokia 6630
Demonstrating the power of 3G
P 8,000

PHONE Quadband/ 3G phone. Nokia Series 60 v 2.6 GUI, Symbian 8 OS with MIDP Java 2 support. Flight mode, offline use.
CAM 1.3 Megapixel camera with 6x variable digital zoom & sequence mode. Optional camera flash adapter (PD-2). Up to 1 hour video recording capability.
MUSIC MP3/AAC Digital music player with stereo output.
CONNECTIVITY Text, MMS, E-mail support. Web surfing. usb cable (pop-port), Bluetooth.
MEMORY 10 MB phone memory. Expandable via RS-MMC (hot-swappable).
MISC 5-way navigation key with customizable shortcuts. Active matrix, TFT screen(176x208 pixels, 65K colors) with automatic backlight adjustment. Built-in handsfree loudspeaker & vibra. Pre-loaded print utilities, MS office viewers and photo/video editors.

Used Nokia 6630 units have just recently started to take the market by storm due to the advent of successful BB5 phone unlocking. About 3 months ago, nobody in the world could unlock (open-line) Nokia Nseries phones or just about any Nokia 3G phone. These include the Nokia 6630. This has proven to be a hassle, since phones like these are sometimes locked to a certain operator (like Vodafone) from another country (like Japan) and are not compatible with your home-network operators. But once the unlocking software was developed, it spread like wildfire across the globe thru the internet. And that gave BB5 phones a new leash on life. Suddenly, almost every online store on the 'net has some 'almost new' Nokia 6630 units out and up for sale or auction. And since they aren't new, they come relatively cheap. But before you click that 'Add to Cart' button on your browser, here are a few things worth knowing about the Nokia 6630.

It was Nokia's very first 3G handset. But it doesn't have a second camera up-front for video calling. Still, you can use the 3G capability for faster data transfer rates and high-speed mobile web browsing. It only shows web pages in simplified text versions though, because it doesn't have an integrated MiniMap Series 60 web browser like its bigger siblings.

The built-in camera at the back of the unit can take 1.3 megapixel snapshots of your pimples and you can print them directly with any compatible photo printer via USB, Bluetooth or MMC. Its music player will play all kinds, and you can save as many songs as your free memory can handle. You can also shoot videos for up to an hour in length or if you like, you might store your precious scandals on the phone and view them full screen with RealPlayer.

Having Symbian for an operating system makes it a very versatile multimedia device. Making it your mobile office in one second and turning it into a Gameboy emulator the next is fairly easy. You have a mountain of applications to choose from.

If you're from the RP, you can check out the nearest phone surplus shops or tiangges in either Greenhills, Divisoria or Recto for this phone. But my advice to you is to look it up in your favorite online stores as well just to see if you can get a better deal. If you're from another country though, try searching for this phone in eBay or Amazon, those are the leading sites to shop from. Check out the Nokia 6680 too.

If you're looking for a second phone, that won't let you down when your primary handset runs out of juice, the Nokia 6630 may very well do.

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