Nokia 6260

Nokia 6260

Nokia 6260
Big-boned twisting clam
from P 5,000 up - 2nd hand

PHONE Triband GSM phone. Symbian 7 OS, Series 60 User Interface
CAM VGA resolution camera (480 x 640 pixels)
MUSIC Bundled Real Player for MP3, WAV, AAC, and Real Audio formats. FM radio. Video support for 3GPP, Mp4 and Real Video formats. FM radio with 20 presets.
CONNECTIVITY SMS and MMS messaging, support for POP3/ IMAP4 e-mail. Bluetooth, Infrared and USB connectivity.
MEMORY About 6 MB on-board memory. Expandable via Dual-Voltage Reduced-Size Memory Card (DV-RS-MMC)
MISC Color screen with 176 x 208 pixel resolution and 65K colors. Built-in handsfree speaker. Wallet application. Preloaded Office (Word and Powerpoint) viewers. IM.

Nokia 6260 screenshot

The Nokia 6260 is a great phone in its own right, but it is easily overshadowed by more flashy and glittery mobile phones. One of the reasons for this could be its hefty clam-type form. It's too big for one-handed use and when open, it's almost as big as two phones put together. Also, the design is as plain as it can get. It's ugly and it's big on everything; except on features. But it garners extra points for style and innovation, though. Let me show you how the Nokia 6260 can potentially turn the tables and become the next item in your shopping list.

The form of the Nokia 6260 is that of a classic clamshell, but - you gotta hear this - there's a twist. Quite literally, you can twist the screen of the half-open clam to access the camera application and take pictures with its VGA camera. It has and MP3 player and FM radio, too. It's almost like a prototype for the future N90 and N93. But of course, it's not on the same level as those super phones. It runs with the same OS, though, and the Symbian platform does a pretty neat job at trying to save the Nokia 6260's sinking ship.

It has some pretty cool applications built-in, such as the chat application, position tracking system and it also supports Push-to-talk technology. Unfortunately, these features are not supported in most countries except in Europe. So what else can you do with a Nokia 6260? Well, a lot, actually, with the of the right applications for its OS.

One of the few major drawbacks, though, is its noticeable slugishness. Even just turning the unit on after it has been turned off will have you waiting for a while or for upwards of 1 minute. If you can overcome this, you won't be disappointed with the Nokia 6260. But if you still feel you're better off with something better, or something smarter, there are always other choices. I'm just saying this might be a good one.

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