NetVision is pulled out of webcasting Pacquiao-Barrera fight

"...contract conflicts on the international rights for the Internet webcast" have caused local online video streaming company to cancel their earlier offerings of live web casts for Manny Pacquiao's upcoming fight with Marco Antonio Barrera.

Just when you thought you could escape the haunting advertisements of conventional television (not to mention the frustratingly long commercial gaps), NetVision has to cancel their biggest draw despite the huge success in the Middle East. In a statement posted on their official blog they claim that "this unfortunate incident does not affect, in any way, [their] mission to provide Filipinos all around the world instant access to local video items." Still, things would've been better if the podcast just got through in the first place. HBO is to blame. NetVision is still a good thing, though.[NetVision via Inquirer]

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