iPod rules the earth, whitens your teeth

What's better than a new iPod? Why, one that cleans your teeth, of course! The maker of this technology calls it "Rock My Teeth". It works when you plug it into your iPod and you turn the volume up to the highest. It can't beat a dentist's cleaning but it's good enough to make your teeth whiter by at least one shade. I call it weird. Yes, it's creative, but weird.

When you turn a famous consumer electronics device into something else that's not a better consumer electronics device, you're almost asking for trouble. But Mike Williams, who has thought up this teeth-whitening iPod dependent system, feels confident about his new contraption and Yahoo! has already got a story on it. You stick a couple of teeth-whitening strips onto your teeth (top and bottom), stick the plug into your iPod the mouthpiece goes into your, uh, mouth. They've built earbuds into this thing too so you can all and listen to the music that simultaneously helps clean your teeth. How it works is not rocket science, but you'll get a better explanation from the man who made it himself. From what I know it works by vibrating the whitening strips into effect. Sort of. Well, so much for trying. There's a better explanation here: [Yahoo! via Rock My Teeth]

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