How would you change the Sony Reader?

I’ve been dreaming this up since two months ago, but it seems somebody else has beaten me to the punch. OK, not quite. But Sony has come out with a new edition Reader which looks to me like they’re taking things one step at a time.

My idea of a reader has backlights in it, so that I’ll be able to read in the dark, at night before I sleep, during a black-out, or at any given time when I need a bright background on what I’m reading to make it clear. The Sony Readers don’t have any backlights, and their screens use a new technology called E-Ink that only uses power when the characters change, which is, when you turn to “another page”. It’s obviously for the purpose of conserving power but personally, I’d prefer something that I can take with me to bed and read while the lights are off. With the Sony Reader, it seems I’ll have to read with the lights on. If that’s so, then how is it different from ordinary books?

Also, I’d like something that can not only view documents, but edit them as well. I’m a fan of typing, writing, etcetera. And I’d like to incorporate the ability of viewing and editing word files, other documents, and web pages, if possible, all through a single simple handheld device that I can use on the fly. I believe there’s not been an invention for a dedicated word processing and e-book reading machine with backlights and a memory card slot. I might seem to be a bit sketchy in this post and citing points that have already been presented before, but I’d like a gadget with the above mentioned features and then some. Imagine a Symbian powered smartphone that’s not smart (without PDA functions) and not a phone (without phone functions) but retains its OS even if just for the sake of running third party Office viewers and editors, and such. I’ll be back with this idea when I think I have it straight. Any comments? How would you invent (or re-invent) the “E-Book Reader”? [Wired]

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