GMA: The N.B.N. deal finally R.I.P.

This issue has gotten SO out of hand and to blog about it simply makes me hurl. All I know is that President Arroyo's decision to finally scrap that damn scam which they've been calling the National Broadband Network deal is probably one of the smartest moves she's ever made in her term (but most certainly not a bit smarter than how she pulled all the Filipino's legs by stealing the Presidency "not once, but twice!". I'm glad that's over. Although when I first read about the NBN deal on the news maybe a month ago, it spelled great potential for the country. But now it has all went down the drain. And there are a lot of people to blame. Too bad that's all you can do about it: point your dirty fingers at the dirtier crooks who've plundered a large part of the budget. And they'll all be still at large and free to go. Are plunder, graft, and corruption now second nature to Filipino politicians?

What the heck are they gonna use the Broadband Network for anyway? You know what I think government workers need right now? Discipline. Someone has got to stand up with whips and teach those lazy people lessons about working hard for what they earn: they're getting paid by all our taxes anyway! But no, all they do is sleep on the job and work below standard. They've got to start acting right, that's what. And I'm pretty sure no damn dial-up, broadband, or wireless connection will help them get through to it. They just need some spanking, or maybe the N.B.N deal shouldn't have died: the government should have instead. A lot of people will look forward TO THAT!

[The Philippine Star]

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