Free TV that's home grown to the bone

It's only less than a week away until Manny Pacquiao crushes Barrera's guts in front of the world. Almost everyone I know is anxiously waiting for the outcome (silently praying our bet, the PacMan, will win). Personally, I want to watch the fight but I don't have the slightest chance due to the tickets' astronomical prices. The UAAP is also nearing its season end and tickets are scarce. So what's a boy to do? Why, watch the shows on the 'net, of course! The only problem with watching shows on the 'net is the apparent lack of local TV shows and home-grown videos in general. Enter NetVision, the latest Filipino company out there trying to change the way we live. Netvision will offer free online video streaming of live shows, music videos, your favorite movies, and the footage from the elevator's security camera. If we all play nice it might even show us the future.

It's a good idea now, ain't it? More than a local YouTube, NetVision will render current generation TV's obsolete. By letting users watch Live TV, we can now all watch happily and commercial-free after... for now, at least. They're currently in talks of bringing the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) into the game. A few channels are already available for viewing, mainly: RPN9 and ABC5 will follow shortly. The future looks bright, that I'll say.

[NetVision via Inquirer]

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