BS: Get and XBox 360, Playstation 3 for P100.00, no kidding

I don't know what led me into reading the bulletins of my Friendsters today but I did, and I found something I know a lot of you will like. There's this game console convention that's going to happen at the Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall where you can get a chance to play all your favorite gaming consoles, know a bit more about your favorite platforms, and oh, maybe get a brand new XBox 360 or Playstation 3. Did I mention the sticker price is just P100.00? Oh come on, you heard me.

The announcement I read claims that GX-Con (or Game-X Conference, I suppose) is the first gaming console convention in the Philippines and it will be held on October 7, 2007 at the Megatrade Hall 3 of the SM Megamall.

Get to play your favorite consoles,
compete with other gamers, and win
prizes. We have lots in store for you.
Various bands from the anime community
will be there to perform music from your
favorite games. Watch out for NeOtaku,
Do’ahou, Progeny, Trance, Armada, PPF
All Star, Ethereal Anthem, and Harap sa
Likod. Also we will be having contests
like: Name that Tune, Game Trivias,
Tourname nt Finals, Individual and Group
Cosplay, and many more.

It says here.

And as with all conventions they'll be giving away a lot of free stuff in the raffle, promising even an XBox 360 and a Playstation 3 in the list of prizes. Well in that case, gamers, I'll see you all there! Ticket prices are P100.00 each. Prepare to lose both consoles to me. *grin*

[Game Ex via Friendster]

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