Aussie directly insults Filipino who posted a comment on his site

What something to really get pissed off about? Forget indirect insults from a TV sitcom script, here's a full-on blog entry where an Australian blogger hits on a Pinoy SEO who posted a comment on his blog.

Australian blogger Alister Cameron read this comment on his blog:

I am very amaze of what you post Alister. You explain everything clearly and full of informations of what people, especially marketers really need to know.

Thank you so much..

they guy immediately fired back with a blog entry entitled: Another stupid SEO strategy: the filipino link builder who can’t write, only to regret this action later.

Turns out, he only traced the IP address to the Philippines and held this as the sole basis for saying that the commenter was a Filipino link builder. Well, he was right about one thing, that it was the work of a Pinoy Link Builder, but the comment linked to a website called MyIdeaGuy Blog.

Good thing he apologized afterwards. [Read: Alister Cameron's apology]

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