Womi: Graduation Day by Kanye West

This is the very first entry in an endless series of posts that I will make on this blog. I'm calling this section "Womi" or more specifically, "What's on my iPod". I will be uploading random songs from my Music player each day to give you an idea about what kind of music I'm currently listening to. I'm also doing this to let you keep up with the latest song releases in the music industry and point you to a few great songs that you might never have heard of if not for this blog.

Today's Womi song: Graduation Day by Kanye West.

If I dedicated the very first photo of the day to the Apple iPhone, I'm dedicating the special Womi song section's first entry to Kanye West. Graduation Day is the third song on his first album College Dropout. I feel a connection between me and Kanye West, and can almost certainly relate to what he talks about (or raps about) in his songs. Graduation Day is the perfect song to keep in mind when a lot of people are looking down on you for being a failure and trying to push you to be what you're not. The song doesn't even last for more than 2 minutes but the lyrics will move you to think twice about dropouts and unsuccessful people in general. Graduation Day is a good song to listen to in times of tribulation, especially for kids who have just dropped out of school (and you know there are a lot of them). Hit the jump for a full track sample of Graduation Day by Kanye West.


I'm no longer confused but don't tell anybody
I'm about to break the rules but don't tell anybody
I've got something better than school but don't tell anybody
My momma would kill me so don't tell anybody
She wants me to get a good ass job just like everybody
She ain't walked in my shoes

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Photo of the Day: First iPhone sighting in local mall

Denying familiarity with the now world famous consumer electronics device pictured here is akin to trying to scratch a diamond. As for me, I won't even try to hide the fact that I'm a die-hard Apple fanboy. Just let me dedicate my very first Photo of the Day to the one and only JesusPhone -- the Apple iPhone.

I was walking innocently across "another cellphone store" in a local mall two days ago when I saw this beauty lying alongside Nokias, Motorolas, and Sony Ericssons. I couldn't believe what I was seeing at first - I know iPhones won't come to the Philippines (Asia, actually) until 2008 - so it wasn't until 5 seconds later that I realized it was possible to have iPhones here already, as early as now. And these would be the hacked, unlocked versions of the unit. Sure enough, I was right. Boy, you'll believe when you see.

This thing is such a beauty I returned to the store twice just to get a chance to hold it. Go on and call me desperate, but this is the best-looking piece of gadgetry modern technology has ever provided: sleek and stylish design, exceptional and intuitive UI, it's incredibly smart and sexy, and it's the most-advanced media player in the world.

Now can any one of you direct me to Santa? I need to talk to him ASAP...

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Breaking: iPhone has landed in the Philippines

Attention, ladies and germs, this is breaking news: the iPhone has finally landed in the Philippines (Or am I the last to know??)! Recently spotted in 2 (not one! but TWO!) local malls, the iPhone is now for sale here in the Philippines for a suggested retail price that will cost as much as a semester in de La Salle University (there goes college). Details and more photos after the click-through.

One sad Saturday morning I decided to go to SM City Manila and knock myself out playing Drum Mania at Quantum (It's my second home). After about five hours of exhaustive "drumming", I thought I'd pay a visit to the cellphone shops on the next floor up, also to see how much the Nokia E50 would cost me when I finally buy it next payday. As usual I visited each cellphone shop one by one and to my surprise, I saw an iPhone look-a-like. I thought to myself how sickening China is becoming when it comes to piracy. That somebody ought to teach those pirates a lesson, not only for stealing original ideas of other people, but for making the whole industry (music, movies, consumer electronics and all) look downright ugly. But upon closer inspection (or about 5 seconds later) it occured to me that I was looking at the real thing: the iPhone, in the flesh! Of course I couldn't resist asking for a chance to paw at it, so I did. And it was great. And now I'm here wishing I could afford one when it finally hits our country with official specs (not to mention 3G). Or at least I hope I can buy an iPod Touch for Christmas. By the way if there are any generous souls reading this right now, please feel free to donate. God bless you. ^^

The name of the store I found selling the fully unlocked iPhones is Mega One and you can find it in SM City Manila and Robinson's Place Ermita. I'm guessing other Mega One branches in other malls are offering it too.

The picture here says it, bro. The price is more than a lot to ask for. But a store clerk told me that they have an ongoing promo for the iPhone. She said that anyone who buys a minimum of 3 iPhones will get them for P39,000 instead of the advertised P46,000. But I'm thinking, who in the heck would do that, 3 rich best-friends? Hmm... maybe.

These iPhones (for sale in Mega One) are fully unlocked iPhones that will work with any SIM card from any local network. That means you can experience the same old Smart, Sun, and Globe experience in a brand new way, which is - touchy-feely courtesy of the Apple iPhone. It will work with all hacks, too. But be warned that this phone is not under the International Apple Care warranty since it is a hacked iPhone, and its Firmware is not updated to the latest version to avoid being bricked (and non-functional as a phone). If you know a good hacker, buy this phone and let him do the magic in updating it. Don't say I didn't warn you though. Caveat Emptor.

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